Grad Student Experience Grants (July 2022-Apr 2023)

Preliminary Information

Welcome to the Graduate Student Experience Grants application! Since 2002, the Graduate Student Life Grants program has been a successful request-for-proposal process that invites graduate students, spouses, faculty, and staff to submit creative ideas that kick-start community-building projects. Last year, we are expanded this program to cover more facets of the graduate student experience.

This grant cycle will occur more often throughout the year, approximately:
March 15 - April 15
June 15 - July 15
October 15 - November 15

Proposals for creative projects that have the potential to impact the broad graduate community in the following areas should apply under the Innovative Projects category:
  • Students with families
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training / Programming
  • Professional & Leadership Development
  • Healthy Living
  • Arts & Civic Engagement
  • Community Building Across Disciplines
  • Outreach
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Advisor-advisee relations
  • And MORE! 
Please email gradexperience@mit.edu for further questions.

NOTE: If you are asking for funding within 1 MONTH of the end of the application cycle, we might not have enough time to process your application. 

LOGISTICS NOTE: In order to be able to SAVE your application to return to it, you need to login with your kerberos ID. If you do not login, your process will not be saved and cannot be retrieived.